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Welding Inspector (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)


POSITION Welding Inspector
LOCATION Baton Rouge, Louisiana
WORK HOURS 10-Hours Working + 1-Hour Lunch (06:30am to 5:30pm). Monday to Friday Full Working Day & Saturday Half Working Day (5-Hours Working)
JOB DESCRIPTION Responsibilities:

- ensure all submitted inspection reports are accurate and duly completed by the contractor, technical documents are of current status, and the actual inspection is correctly prepared prior to commencement of any client inspection

- inspect visually piping welding from 1st to final layer, prepare welding inspection reports and records, and attend the hydro / pneumatic test.

- assist the contractor and manager with preparing reports and supervising the quality control systems

- other duties as assigned
REQUIREMENT/COMMENTS Must have US Citizenship, US Green Card, L-VISA, E-VISA or TN-VISA for working.
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