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Focusing on the temporary and permanent personnel who are bilingual in multi-languages

Personnel consulting Personnel sourcing

Company-wide Management Strategies
(Supporting company management business)

  • Establishing company
  • Launching new business
  • Consulting management
  • Quality assurance consulting
  • Cal/OSHA measure

Consulting / Outsourcing
(All sorts of business consulting and outsourcing)

  • Personnel consulting/outsourcing
  • Accounting consulting/outsourcing
  • Payroll outsourcing
  • Expatriate support package
  • Consulting to acquire ISO certification
  • Safety management (OSHA measure) consulting


At our company, we call the staffing of temp and perm, the People Strategy. This means that we are not just simply introducing people to a new job position, but we are also making judgment by considering the clients’ business culture, office environment, and each company’s custom, so we can correspond to our best. We consider company’s people strategy so DCM takes a step forward to be able to provide a better service and introduce proper people to new job.

Regardless of a scale of your company, personnel system is the essential function for the business. It is true that the expenditure is piling up, but we do not have enough time and budget in present situation. In the United States, it is important to manage business by avoiding the risk of prosecution, and this is the key to personnel strategy. Even a small class organization can make use of our personnel system plan for reasonable price.

Not just the personnel side, but we consider every possible situation to make overall judgment so the workers could continuously have high motivation and help create high quality company management and organization. We apply TQM (Total Quality Management) technique to support the clients’ management.

As far as the establishment of the company in the United States, the taxation system differs depending on the state and city so considering the work contents and the start up of the company would be the important factor. We adjust to clients’ situation to register the company, revitalize the present operation, and manage the support service. DCM complies with various company managements.

Company’s business administration is extremely complex and negligence may result in penalty from the authority and even carry the risk of prosecution. There problems will interfere with concentrating on your main occupation. Our theme is to efficiently manage the complex business administration, especially for small classes. We respond to the demand of the client who faces this kind of complex business administration for every project to all sorts of outsourcing for reasonable price.

Objective value as standard foundation, adopting and evaluating system introduction Preparing and making Employee Handbook Overall personnel consulting Acting of payroll process

Appropriate treatment of business accounting by experienced person in accounting business affair Cut down on useless expenditure that is usually overlooked and support the sales security Acting of all account treatment, daily account input, and support monthly management

Having a service from Third Party Payroll Company (such as ADP, Paychex, etc.), it will support your payroll calculation. However, it does not include your Human Resources / Administration duties related to payroll, such as process of expense reimbursement, change of W-4 Status, timesheet calculation, communication with employees who do not report on time, getting approval for related documents …and so on. You could not imagine how much these extra works impact on your main duties and takes so much time to follow due dates. Also, leaking payroll information would cause critical Human Resources issue. These complicated payroll duties could be supported by DCM. DCM creates you an environment where you can focus on your main duties for efficient business.

Payroll process for Japanese Expatriate (Chuzai-In) is far more complicated than regular payroll process. Adjustment of stating assignment in the U.S., Special process of Tax withholding, Gross-up calculation, Annual Tax Adjustment, Tax Return, adjustment of ended assignment from the U.S…. and so on. Of course, Work Permission (Visa) Status will be affecting on all these processes; and it would take more detailed and complicated duties that would be required. DCM could serve these payroll processes including managing Work Permission (VISA) status to you. Gross-up calculation and tax return would be handled by experienced CPA.

To prevent labor accidents, the organizations, OSHA (Occupation Safety and Health Administration) setup a safety standard and we will support build the work environment that will satisfy their requirements. The foundation is to have essential and legal safety working environment and prevent loss by having solid project management. Our specialist is OSHA consultant will give you accurate advice for your company’s safety management.

Suggest all solutions to acquire quality management standard ISO9001 and ISO14001.