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Torrance, CA 90501
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4660 La Jolla Village Dr.
Suite 500, San Diego, CA 92122
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CEO Comments "10th Anniversary"

By utilizing this opportunity, we, DCM Creations Inc., intend to renew our official company web site. We sincerely thank our important customers for continuous business in the past ten years.

It was a long road to reach our first step goal but too short in time for us to achieve our ultimate goal
However, the warm support from all our clients, applicants, and society has been really motivating our team to achieve our goal, which is to establish the human relation that is one of the largest fundamental policies of our company.

Appreciate………Appreciate….never ending…

Now we fortunately have a good team in our company, and they all are very much experienced and professional in specific industries to support customers’ requirements and to provide great services to all our important customers including our important clients and applicants. Also our strong team has become very suitable enough to support society activities in order for us to focus on our new stage’s goal in the next ten years. DCM has been enhancing a consulting team to contribute our professional knowledge to our customers.

We will try to make every effort to support our important customers’ programs and to provide good services.
Therefore, please give us an opportunity to discuss with you about your future program.


Shaw Takahashi
President& CEO
DCM Creations Group

Our company’s name, DCM, has two meanings to it.

“Diversified Corporation Management” There will be many changes in the business world in future, and it is necessary to correspond with the change flexibly in the future company management. Our goal is to create a better company administration.

“Dream Company of Magokoro.” DCM started when four fellow workers decided to create a company where everyone can materialize their dream job. We always think of our clients’ situation and correspond sincerely.

DCM President merged these two fundamental ideas and created a company named DCM Creations.Ever since the establishment of our company, the core of movement is on temporary and permanent personnel service. We call our main duty, “People Strategy,” so it is not only about introducing job, but we also deal more deeply with company’s personnel strategy. DCM aims to provide meticulous service for our clients and suggests the most suitable method at all time. With the fundamental of “People Strategy,” we continuously provided various services and satisfy our clients’ demand. As a result, we are undertaking all kinds of consulting and outsourcing as well as the company’s administers to help with the management service, leading to expansion of their business. Our company is the service we give and the quality of the service is all depended on the person. To be able to satisfy clients’ demand flexibly at all time, we experiment new practice in a shrine, rather than applying the existing method of service. Everyone’s success, business expansion, and to see your smile is what DCM is hoping for.

Company’s name: DCM Creations, Inc.
Address: 2463 W. 208th Street Suite 203 Torrance, CA 90501
Tel: 310-782-8784
Established: December 21, 1999
Representative: President/CEO Shaw Takahashi
Number of employee: Full-time 10
Contract consultant 12
Service foothold: Torrance office
San Diego office
Employee Assign office: New York
Main Business Transaction Industry: trading,
IT network,
physical distribution,
government related,
interior design,
Bank Transaction:: Union Bank, Mizuho Bank
Number of transaction: 200 companies
Group Company: DCM Dash One, Inc.